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Drop KL Rahul India of the T20 World Cup

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Queen Elizabeth II gave birth to Prince Charles in 1948 when she was a 22-year-old princess  India’s Rohit Sharma ended with the 2022 AFC Asian Cup. It was a disastrous campaign but every disaster comes with its fair share of knowledge.

An even bigger disaster awaits India at T20 World Cup 2022 if they don’t learn from their mistakes in the Asian Cup. Here are 5 changes they need to make to their XI to ensure India perform well in the T20 World Cup. This is not a formula for success but this can help India reform its process.
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Dropping Mohamed El Shami for the 2022 AFC Asian Cup was a really bad decision. India lacked the skill of experience in the beginning and in the background. Shami has developed into a solid accelerator even upon death, and as former coach Ravi Shastri pointed out, it’s shocking to see Shami resting his heels at home. He should be in the squad for the 2022 T20 World Cup. Let’s give him a good tour of Australia and the SA T20s to help him find the rhythm.

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Should Virat Kohli unlock then what happens to KL Rahul? You will read on the next slide. Let Virat and Rohit Sharma open roles and shoot. This will give space to another strong opponent in the middle of the squad. This multiplication order will be explained further as we move forward in this exhibit.

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Yes, you read correctly. If we go with his reputation in T20, Rahul is hard to let go but he can’t be India’s top 3 player – Rohit Sharma, Rahul and Virat. All three are playing in a similar fashion and with Rahul dropping his hit rate in the past few games, save for the Afghanistan match which was a no-brainer, it was time to let Rahul down. He couldn’t be demoted to the batting order because the middle rank was already suffocated by the abundance of talent. India needs to break this model and move, in time, to do better in the World Cup.

Let us not repair what is not broken. Thanks to his IPL feats, Dinesh Karthik made his entry in Team India. Now that he was here, in his form as well, he did not participate in matches. Team management has tried enough with Rishabh Pant in the T20Is and with the World Cup looming, it’s time to give DK an even longer run in XI as the lottery and finisher.

In 2019, before the ODI World Cup Finals, the same thing happened with DK because he was part of the team but he didn’t get a consistent performance. Let’s not make the same mistakes again.

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Suryakumar Yadav, your new 360 racket, bats pretty low on the rankings even if he hits fourth in the T20Is. With Virat opening roles with Rohit, he could come in third and get more balls to make an impact. It will also break the monotony created with Rohit, KL and Virat in the top 3. Surya is a different kind of mixture and will help India’s scoring rate tremendously.

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