Barcelona Awaits Copa del Rey Draw: Who Will be Their Round of 16 Opponent?

Barcelona Awaits Copa del Rey Draw for Round of 16 Opponent

As the Copa del Rey progresses, anticipation builds for FC Barcelona as they await the draw that will determine their opponent in the round of 16. The draw is scheduled for December 12, at 13:00, to be held at the headquarters of the Spanish Football Federation in Las Rozas.

Barça, led by manager Xavi Hernández, is already among the four teams—Barcelona, Real Madrid, Osasuna, and Atlético de Madrid—automatically qualified for the round of 16, as they didn’t participate in the preliminary rounds due to their involvement in the Spanish Super Cup. The rest of the teams continue to battle it out in the earlier rounds for a chance to face these football powerhouses.

According to tournament regulations, Barça is set to face a team of “lower category” in their round of 16 debut. This means they cannot be drawn against a La Liga team, ruling out potential matchups against the likes of Villarreal, Getafe, Valencia, Real Sociedad, or Rayo Vallecano. The restriction extends to teams from the EA Sports Liga such as Espanyol, Tenerife, and Huesca. Additionally, Barcelona is guaranteed to play the match away from home.

As the second round concludes on Thursday, several teams emerge as potential opponents for Barça in the round of 16. Notably, Castellón, Unionistas Salamanca, Málaga, and Lugo from Primera RFEF, along with Barbastro from Segunda RFEF, are already in the mix. Others in contention include Melilla, Linares, Sestao River, Arandina, Orihuela, and Cayón.

The excitement for the draw intensifies as fans speculate about the possible matchups and the challenges that lie ahead for Barcelona in their quest for Copa del Rey glory. The draw is expected to bring clarity to the path that Barça will need to navigate in the knockout stages of the tournament.

The round of 16 matches in the Copa del Rey will be played as single-leg fixtures on January 5, 6, and 7, adding an extra layer of intensity and unpredictability to this prestigious knockout competition. Football enthusiasts eagerly await the unfolding drama as the tournament progresses towards the climax, where only one team will emerge victorious as the Copa del Rey champion. Stay tuned for the live coverage of the draw on December 12 to discover who will be Barcelona’s next opponent in this exciting journey.